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Our online Super-Set Webinars allow us to reach and engage our clients anywhere.  Allow them to ask questions, and interact with others as well. We utilize chats and we show our viewers powerful visual slides that re-enforce the details of our program and techniques. The more interactive the webinar is, the greater the impact on learning!

For a limited time we are facilitating the Financial "Super-Set at no cost.  Only purchase information after determining its value in your life.  Clients will also have the ability to determine if they want extended access to the Financial "Super-Set presentation.  Register today and receive your virtual seat and private web ID for the next exciting Financial "Super-Set"...​

For larger connected groups, we do offer high touch interactive workshops that extend more information about the Defense, Offense and Playing field of personal finances. These important lessons help better prepare our clients to execute the Financial Fitness Super-Set with powerful visual slides that re-enforce the details of our program and techniques. 

These 60-90 minute classroom style workshops are jam packed with great information and the personal touch make these sessions perfect for those needing more details.  Our coaches are so confident in the value of the content and our clients ability to rid themselves of bad debt that they have waived their facilitation fees to come speak with your organization.  That's right!  YOU don't believe you can accelerate the elimination of your debt, it will cost you nothing!  This is your opportunity to have our coaches speak live and in person with your organization about how to get out of debt, make more money and pay less in taxes.  They believe you should only invest your hard earned money upon being convinced that the return is greater than the cost. The desired results of the Financial "Super-Set" workshop coupled with the 47 principles in the Financial Fitness Program is indisputable, but don't take our word for it, register your organization and see for yourself. 

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