I had 20 years remaining before I'd reach the final payment on my mortgage. It was at this point a friend suggested the Financial Super-Set as a way of accelerating the elimination of my mortgage without increasing my monthly budget.  I admit I had my doubts that something like this was possible but I figured it was worth at least investigating.  I was just looking for data that would support what I was hearing about how quickly a home loan could be eliminated.  The Super-Set did not disappoint! I have now gone from 20 years remaining before I'd reached a zero balance on my mortgage to 7 years.  I can't say thank you enough  for introducing me to the Financial Super-Set.

Shon Wilson
Elementary School VP, Nashvile, TN

My wife and I were first introduced to the Financial Fitness Program/ the "Green Box". We were facing a mountain of debt when we first learned of the principles. We started with well over 20 creditors and thousands in debt. Just within the past year and a half we have paid off another $25,000, leaving only our mortgage. We have now been introduced to a technique desgined to accelerate the elimination of our home mortgage. We are so excited!

Joe and Tracy Clark
Police Officer/Housewife, St. Louis, MO

In January of 2016 we learned how we could accelerate the elimination of our mortgage. We were looking at 28.5 years before we'd make our final payment. By July 2016 we had already paid down our balance to a place which should have taken almost 4 years. The fact that we did this without increasing the amount of money we were spending to run our household is nothing short of amazing. Everyone should see this for themselves and if you have an opportunity to watch a free webinar...take it!

Travon and Alicia Green
Former Military/Accountant, St. Louis, MO

​​​​I have been a pastor for more than 30 years and what this technique can do to bless the body of Christ is nothing short of a miracle. Approximately 4,000 churches each year close their doors due to financial difficulties. The largest expense is the church building and personnel, consuming about 82% of the budget. I believe it to be negligence not to at least explore the possibilities of what this technique can do. I'm willing to place my reputation on the line to vouch for this technique and information.

Dr. Wayne Lawrence
Pastor, St. Louis, MO

​​​​Thanks again for teaching the Eliminate Mortgage Debt class at our company. Our agents loved it! It’s fresh information and very useful. It can definitely be used to reduce debt and make a positive difference in our lives.

Sandy Hancock
Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Results, St. Louis, MO